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What you should know before getting a tattoo

what you should know before getting a tattoo.

Everyone has thought at least once in their life: “I want a tattoo. Perhaps it was a “temporary” tattoo, or it was a passing desire (yes, it occurs even to those who would never dare to put a drawing on their body). In any case, if you have already decided, below you will find tips and information to help you before the “first time”.

Determining the key points before getting a tattoo

Preparatory points to pay attention to:

  1. In the beginning, the size of the drawing is determined. It is necessary to know that the small size tattoo loses its attractiveness in the presence of many details. Besides the lapse of time changes the shape of the tattoo, which is especially noticeable in the figure of small size;
  2. Instead of a tattoo depends on its size, a more realistic picture is obtained with a tattoo of a large size;
  3. Tattoo style affects the choice of tattoo artist – many highly skilled artistes often specialize in a particular style;
  4. Psychologically tune in to the pain sensations, which are purely individual, but quite bearable.

Also in advance, it is necessary to find out the cost of the future work which is estimated by the tattoo artist on time enclosed in work, its popularity and popularity, from the size of a tattoo, complexity of drawings, cost of materials applied.

It is necessary to remember that tattoo is the part of the skin that needs care not less than the skin itself. Because all paints are subject to burnout under the influence of ultraviolet sunlight, the tattoo needs to be protected by applying sunscreen or by wearing appropriate clothing.

The first days after the application of tattooing, it is necessary to strictly follow the norms of the sanitary and hygienic regime, because the integrity of the external cover has been violated. Proper care will preserve the shape of the pattern and its quality.

Keep in mind the nuances

There are certain nuances that you need to know and take into account before deciding to apply for a tattoo:

  • The cells of the entire body, including the skin, are constantly renewed, the structure of the skin changes with age, so in a few years will need to adjust the existing tattoo. This is practically a new tattoo, which costs as much and the pain effect is the same;
  • the tattoo artits does not touch the existing moles, but takes into account in the creation of the composition;
  • tattooing does not remove hair follicles, so hair continues to grow;
  • after serious skin damage with the formation of a scar, it is necessary to pass at least one year and only then to do tattooing, to make the design qualitative and hide the scar;
  • it is forbidden to drink alcohol before a tattoo, it is necessary to be rested and not to be hungry;
  • Allowed a slight deterioration of health, because it is an intervention in the integrity of the skin;
  • Subsequent tattooing can be applied not earlier than two weeks after the previous one;
  • The tattoo can be removed by laser skin correction by 90%, this procedure is more expensive than the tattoo itself, it is more painful by sensation and longer in time.

Take into account the stated nuances related to tattooing to make a correct and competent decision.

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