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How to set up a coil tattoo machine

How to set up a coil tattoo machine.

The tattoo machine is the most important tool of a tattoo artist, which requires careful maintenance, proper cleaning and lubrication, and constant service. Ideally, the coil tattoo machine settings and assembly should be done by its manufacturer, so if you have the opportunity, it is better to give the device to a service center.

But in theory, you can adjust the tattoo machine by yourself. You should only take into account the peculiarities of a certain model and be very careful. The device of coil and rotary tools are fundamentally different, and now we will talk about how to configure the coil tattoo machine.

Coil tattoo machine how it works

As a rule, this type of tattoo machine has the ability to adjust for specific tasks – for example, to create a clear contour of different thickness, a dense fill of color, or drawing shadows.

All basic settings should be given by the manufacturer yet at the time of manufacture of the device, so as a rule it is recommended not to touch them. Such settings include parameters of the tattoo machine’s capacitor, location of contact wine, type and amount of turns of wire on a spool, and so on. The only thing is that you should preferably remember well what position the contact screw is in.

Tuning Rules

  1. How to fix the fact that the tattoo machine badly transmits the pigment on the skin? In such cases, you would do well to examine the tool for corrosion, wear, or mechanical damage. If you find any of these – the machine should be taken to the service, and if such problems were not detected, then try to increase the voltage of the device or during the work a little change the angle of the tool – often this is the problem.
  2. What to do if the machine began to spark? In such cases, the problem may lie in the contact screw of the device. If the problem is in it – it needs to be tightened (and in general it should be done regularly) or replaced with a new part, if this has already worn out.
  3. What is the problem if the power of the tattoo machine falls during the work? In such cases, the problem may lie in a power supply of insufficient quality that can spoil the master of the entire work. In order to check if this is the case, you can try to use other power equipment for a short while and if you notice positive changes, then the old power supply will be sent to the dump. And if even with powerful units the machine still works weakly – then it is better to give it to a specialist for diagnosis.
  4. What to do if the spring is worn out? If the spring in the tattoo machine wears out with time – it is absolutely normal. In this case, you just need to replace it: some masters do it by themselves, others are not willing to take the risk and give the machine a special service. To independently replace the spring with a new one, it is necessary to consider, in what position the old part is inside the tool, and then to take a new spring, carefully bend it in the same way, disassemble the device, replace the spring, and assemble everything back.