Welcome to Indian Creek Tattoo

Indian Creek Tattoo is a family-run tattoo studio, located on the corner of 71st and Indian Creek Drive in Miami Beach, 5 Blocks from Collins Avenue. We offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a focus on the creative process of your tattoo.


Our artists regularly participate in tattoo conventions and become winners in artist competitions.

Sterile conditions

Masters keep their workplace clean, treating surfaces and equipment with disinfectant solutions.

Pleasant atmosphere

Even if you have not been to our salon before, we want you to have only pleasant emotions

Our works

Tattooer and Painter

Miki Foged


Tattooer and Painter

Paulo Benevides


About us

“Devoted To My Craft Since 1997” -Miki Foged

Beautifully executed tattoos by Miki Foged and Paulo Benevides in NEW Miami Beach Tattoo Parlor, the process of idea, drawing and inking a outstanding tattoo, all created with great thought about the individual piece and the meaning behind it.

We are located in Miami Beach on the corner of 71 st. street and Indian Creek Drive. Our staff of top-quality tattoo artists will ensure that you receive the best tattoo possible.

We have 1000’s of ready to go designs of tattoo flash and can also custom craft something just for you.

Walk-ins are always welcome and appointments are available for larger pieces when necessary.

We are craftsmen and take pride in our trade. All of our focus is on giving you a solid, quality tattoo that will be worthy of wearing for the rest of your life!

We would like to recommend our friends – inkedway.com. They will tell novice tattoo artists all the details in choosing their first tool and share their extensive experience in the tattoo industry.


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